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Ken Azzeh - Sept 09 2020

6 Ideas for Coping With Uncertainty in These Crazy Times

This isn’t a classroom setting or a simulation — we’re actually living through a pandemic.
And no one prepared us for this. We weren’t given a roadmap, a set of directions, or a guide on how to deal with it.

Everything feels so uncertain. And in the midst of uncertainty brings massive fear, shock, confusion, anger, and so many other tough emotions. How are we supposed to deal with all this? How do we maintain a sense of peace and feel secure?

At times, these questions seem impossible to answer. That’s why we’re here. We want to share some strategies, methods, and rituals that can help you cope during this time. Not only cope, but feel good, safe, happy, and secure.

Before we jump into this tool chest, here are some comforting words from the wise Eckhart Tolle. “Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.”

1. Get grounded

You may have heard the term “earthing” or “grounding” before. But, maybe the meaning or the purpose wasn’t quite clear. To ground yourself means to connect to the Earth’s energy or more specifically to the electrons in the Earth.

Walking around barefoot, putting your feet on the grass, or in the dirt helps ground you. You can do this for a few minutes in the morning or after a stressful meeting or life event. It can help you connect back to your body and recenter yourself.

Research shows earthing can improve the quality of your sleep and shift your autonomic nervous system from the sympathetic to parasympathetic (“rest and restore”) state. Never underestimate the powers of nature and Mother Earth, they always have your back!

woman walking on a log near a lake
couple hiking in california

2. Establish a routine

When everything else around you is in chaos, one very helpful thing you can do is set a routine. This encourages a sense of normalcy and shifts your focus away from the negative and on the task, or joyful event you have planned.

You don’t have to go crazy and plan out every hour of the day. But, something general that’s reasonable and works for you.

For instance, set a time you want to wake up each day. Commit to eating a nourishing breakfast, or reading for 20 minutes in the morning. Maybe you press play on your guided meditation as you wake up, or stretch on your yoga mat. Then in the afternoon, set aside time to take a break from it all, make a cup of green tea, eat a yummy CBD gummy, sit down and do nothing for 15 minutes and allow yourself to relax.

Part of your daily routine could be writing down three things you’re grateful for, having playtime with your kids, cuddling with your dog or cat. It’s all about taking care of yourself and making you the priority, at least for part of the day. You deserve that much. 

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man writing in gratitude journal

3. Learn a new skill

Those of you who have some extra time during this quarantine period can try learning something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a certain dance style, how to paint, a new language, or cook a special type of cuisine.

Whatever it is you’ve had on your “wish list” for years, the time is now. Also, there are so many online programs and classes, some of which are heavily discounted during this crazy period.

Not only will you feel empowered with your new skill set, but you’ll also have fun learning and it will take your mind away from all the unknowns.

4. Give yourself permission to have fun

Watch a comedy show, a movie that makes you laugh, dance around in the house, or have a virtual karaoke night.

Smiling, laughing, and making connections with your family and friends release endorphins and dopamine (the feel-good chemicals) in your body.

In turn, you’ll feel most positive, upbeat, and happy. For the moment, you’ll forget all about the pandemic, and we could all use a few minutes without worry and stress.

man watching netflix

5. Minimize negative news and conversations

When you’re bombarded with 24-hour news cycles and routinely see negative posts and chatter on your social media feed, it can all become too overwhelming. Hearing or seeing toxic words and images takes its toll. And that toll can manifest as stress, worry, anger, frustration, or even anxiety and depression.

To stay away from the trap and vortex of negative news and information, limit your TV and social media time to 30 to 60 minutes a day. Observe how much lighter you feel and how much more time you have in the day. Use that time to meditate, rest, have fun, go for a walk, or journal.

woman meditating
man walking on path with dpg

6. Go to bed early

Since many of us don’t have a long commute right now or any commute, it’s tempting to stay up late. Whether you stay up to watch a movie, lounge around or scroll through IG, there are many things to keep us up.

By doing this, you’re cutting into your precious sleep time. And sleep is the time to restore, rejuvenate, heal, and recover from the day. And if you’re not sleeping well as it is, falling out of sync with the circadian rhythm can make it even more challenging to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Final Points

During this unprecedented time in history, the entire world is feeling some form of fear and uncertainty in their lives. Fortunately, you have control over how you perceive the situation and what you focus on. Remember, you have control over your thoughts, over what you watch on TV, who you follow on social media, and where you put your attention. Make your mental health a priority by trying out some of the coping strategies we mentioned above. Or come up with your own. Either way, we’re rooting for you!

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