An Insider's Guide to the Best Hemp Gummies You Can Find

I know what you’re thinking. How hard can it be to pick out hemp gummies? Is a guide really necessary? We think so. 

But, only because we know the ins and outs of the CBD industry and its products pretty well. So we figure, why not share some insider tips with you. 

Let’s get down to it.

First Stop: The Ingredients List

Let’s be honest. Gummies don’t scream the word ‘health’. But, some ingredients are better than others. And when you combine CBD to make hemp gummies, they become even better for you.  

So, here’s some advice on what kind of ingredients to avoid. First off, with anything you eat that comes from a bottle or package, the fewer the ingredients the better. Also, we don’t like to see preservatives, artificial colors, dyes, or additives. 

Secondly, look at the type of sweetener used. Every formula has a sweetener. The worst options are high-fructose corn syrup, agave syrup, and artificial sugars. They wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels, and no one wants that.

Better alternatives include organic cane sugar, regular sugar, and xylitol.

Next, look at what ingredients were used to create the strawberry, grape, watermelon, mango, etc. flavors. A lot of companies use fruit juices or natural flavors. Try to avoid the products that use artificial flavorings. Nothing artificial belongs inside a product you eat.        

Potency Matters: Don’t Get Jipped

Some companies sell hemp gummies with only 5mg of CBD. This is too low! When you ingest CBD, you end up losing some of the CBD content through digestion. 

So, when you see a hemp gummy with only 5mg of CBD, your body will only absorb about 2mg. The rest gets lost through waste. Most CBD gummies on the market today have 10, 25, or 30mg of CBD. 

The takeaway is this. Buy gummies with a minimum of 10mg, and take two of them a day to get more CBD, or go with a higher potency if needed.  

Sprayed vs. Infused Gummies 

This is an interesting topic, not one that’s often discussed. When manufacturers make hemp gummies, they mix all the ingredients, like the gelatin, fruit juice, and sugar together. 

Then, they have two choices. Do they add in the CBD oil with the mixture and stir it all around, so it’s nice and even? Or alternatively, do they pour the mixture into the gummy molds, and then spray or inject (like a gusher candy, remember those?) the CBD oil. 

Which one is better? 

Mixing, also called infusing, makes the dose more consistent. For example, if you buy gummies that each have a CBD potency of 30mg, you expect there to be 30mg, right? 

Well, if all 20 gummies in your bottle were sprayed with CBD, who really knows if each of the 20 gummies, has exactly 30mg of CBD. It’s not a precise process, and therefore, your gummies could be inconsistent and make dosing a challenge.    

The takeaway? Look for hemp gummies that were infused with CBD. If you can’t find that information on the bottle or the company’s website, give them a call or send them an email and find out. 


Demand More Than Just CBD

Products made with pure CBD isolate are okay, but who settles for ‘okay’? If you want to experience CBD to its fullest potential, then you’ll want a full-spectrum product. This means the whole-plant gets used and has stronger effects than CBD alone. 

Imagine this scenario for a moment. 

Your friend tells you that full-spectrum CBD gummies helped her stay more calm and relaxed throughout the day. Now, you’re intrigued. You go online and start reading reviews from customers who also bought this kind of hemp gummy. They’re saying the same thing! 

The FDA doesn’t allow CBD companies (like us) to make health claims. But, your curiosity has the better of you and now you need to try them for yourself.

So, naturally, you Google ‘best full-spectrum hemp gummies’. Lots of options pop up, but where do you begin? 

Start by going back and rereading the first three points we made in this article. Examine the list of ingredients, choose a potency that you’re comfortable with, and find out if the gummies were sprayed or infused with CBD.   

And if you want more information on the perks of taking CBD gummies, then check out our article that explains why you should try CBD hemp gummies

In Summary

After reading our complete guide, we’re confident that you have enough knowledge to seek out and find the best hemp gummies for you. 

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