CBD for Pain Relief - Why More Seniors are Turning to CBD

Ready to leverage the power of botanicals in your pain management routine? If you’re tired of your current pain patch, topical, or pain pills and want something natural — consider hemp pain cream.   

It appeals to all kinds of people. But in particular, CBD hemp cream appeals to the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations. You’ve spent years in the workforce, raised a family, and kept up with daily demands. Now your body wants some relief, right? 

Before December 2018, hemp-based topicals weren’t legal everywhere or readily available. Now they are. That means you have more than one choice — a traditional medication or a plant-based remedy. 

In this article, we’ll teach you all about hemp pain cream and how it’s helpful, so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

What is Hemp Pain Cream? 

Before we jump in head first, let’s give you a bit of background on the hemp plant.

Industrial hemp has a long history as an agricultural commodity in the U.S. and around the globe. Besides its many agricultural uses, there are many different phytocannabinoids in the hemp plant. 

One of the primary cannabinoids is CBD, which is short for cannabidiol. Research shows that CBD demonstrates a lot of therapeutic potential, which is why you’ll find it inside hand and body creams. 

Years ago, CBD pain creams didn’t exist because industrial hemp was classified as a Schedule 1 drug. This made it federally illegal to use hemp in skin care products. Once the federal government understood that hemp naturally contains low levels of THC (the intoxicating cannabinoid) they decided to legalize it. 

Hemp officially became legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, which opened the door for scientists to further explore CBD’s uses and benefits. 

So far, the evidence is promising and it shows that hemp pain cream can help minimize physical discomfort.

What is Hemp Cream Good For?

Hemp cream, compared to hemp lotion, has a thicker texture and more concentrated formula. So, a little bit of cream goes a long way. You can rub the cream on your skin where there’s pain, soreness, or achiness. 

It’s perfect to use on areas that give you the most trouble, like your neck, back, wrists, shoulders, hips, and joints. You can also apply it to sore muscles after a pilates, yoga, or aerobics class.  

Can Hemp Cream Reduce Pain?

In the 1990s researchers discovered the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is influenced and enhanced by cannabinoids, like CBD and others. 

When we give our bodies CBD, either by taking CBD oil, CBD hemp gummies, or applying CBD pain cream, it activates the ECS. This is critical because our ECS is responsible for regulating important functions like mood, sleep, appetite, immune and pain responses.


Why Choose Hemp Cream Instead of Other Pain-Relief Topicals

Hemp is a botanical, so it grows from the earth — not inside a lab. Hemp has a high safety profile, low risks of adverse effects, and is well-tolerated by many. It’s also a holistic approach to recovery. 

The holistic philosophy views the body as a whole entity, not just a set of individual parts. It acknowledges the root cause of a health problem and understands that a band aid approach is only a short term solution.  


Popular Reasons to Use CBD Hemp Cream

Those with a desire for natural, plant-based products who believe in a holistic approach to health love hemp pain cream. And people who’re fed up with the side effects from their current traditional meds, turn to this CBD topical. 

Many consumers from the generation of “there’s a pill for every ill” are on board as well. They’re excited to finally have something that works, is reliable, and most importantly — safe. Dangerous side effects are a thing of the past. The choice is now yours.      

Interested to try a CBD pain cream that contains an organic source of hemp, and other pain fighting ingredients like arnica, menthol, and lidocaine? At Hemp Health One our hemp pain cream is registered with the FDA and complies with all their rules and regulations. To buy a bottle use code “Hello10” to receive 10% off your order. 

Reach out with any questions to give you peace of mind before placing the order. We’re more than happy to help! 

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