How Athletes Leverage the Power of CBD In Their Recovery Routine

Ever wonder what makes a great athlete even better? There are probably several answers to this question, but one reason relates to their recovery routine. Having one is great, but having a well-crafted, comprehensive plan is a whole lot better. Besides adequate rest, replenishing minerals (electrolytes), taking a hot or icy bath, getting a massage — CBD is also a great ally in the routine. That’s what this article will focus on. How and why athletes incorporate hemp-based CBD products into their post-workout and post-game regime.

How Does CBD Help With Recovery?

CBD or cannabidiol is a major compound found in the cannabis plant. And plants have a long history of being relied upon for medicinal applications. So, it’s no surprise that plants, like hemp, are making a comeback and helping people in all kinds of ways.

In fact, you might know someone who takes full-spectrum CBD oil, or you may use it yourself to support your wellness needs and goals.

But, how does cannabidiol specifically help those who work out often, compete regularly, or play professional sports? That’s what we want to examine further.

CBD has several health-related properties. Many of these properties we experience first hand, while others get reported back to us via scientific studies. 

When there’s pain anywhere in the body, inflammation is always involved. So, using a product that helps cut down on inflammation is a key part of the recovery process. In addition, CBD interacts with various enzymes and receptors all throughout the body, and in turn, this communication tells the body it’s okay to relax.

Without relaxation, the body will remain in a state of stress (physical pain is a type of stress), and that makes it very difficult to achieve relief. Whether that be from joint pain, muscle tightness, or any form of discomfort.

Another way that CBD can support with the process of recovery is through its ability to assist with getting a solid night’s rest. When the body is calm, relaxed, and relieved of anxious thoughts, sleep becomes much easier, almost effortless. Like meditation, cannabidiol has the ability to slow thoughts down. And a quiet mind is a calm mind, which makes it possible to sleep better.

One more final point. Sleep is critical in the healing process of any and all aches, pains, ailments, and illnesses. That’s because when we sleep our autonomic nervous system (ANS) moves into parasympathetic mode. Commonly referred to as “rest and digest” or “rest and restore.” Staying in this mode long enough is super powerful and necessary for healing.  

CBD for Athletic Recovery

What Types of CBD Products Do Athletes Use?

There are two major approaches to healing the body. You can approach it externally or internally. Some people choose both. When dealing with sore, tight, overworked muscles, athletes love to use a pain-relieving CBD cream.

Besides using a cream or ointment, many athletes use CBD oils, gummies, and vape pens to support the body from the inside out. This can help them relax and stay calm, which leads to restoration and recovery.

CBD pain cream for pain relief and recovery

How Often Can I Use CBD for Recovery?

It’s safe to use CBD every day. Yet, it’s still important to find your ideal dose and to follow the recommended guidelines on the product label. When you’re starting out on your CBD journey, it’s important to start with a low dose. And keep it consistent for 5 to 7 days, then you’ll know if you want to up it or not.

Whatever you choose to include in your recovery routine, make sure it feels right to you. Experiment a bit if you need to. Take your time with it. And know that your body will thank you for trying to heal it.

CBD and gym recovery


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