How do you manifest wealth & abundance?

We were never meant to be at war with ourselves, our financial situation, our bodies, or our relationships. We often learn about human limitations as children. This is the time we learn about life, the world, ourselves — and it’s when our belief systems form. 

All of the words we heard, the images we saw, the smells, tastes, and overall perception of life became imprinted on our subconscious mind. And from there we operate from these imprints and see the world in a specific way based on our upbringing.

For the most part, we saw life from a place of lack through a teeny tiny lens. Rather than one of abundance. It’s sad and unfortunate, but this seems to be the norm for a lot of us. 

When we were younger, we may have heard phrases like, “money is hard to earn, it takes a degree to be successful, you have to have a 401K for financial security, money doesn’t grow on trees, save for a rainy day,” etc. While these words may have been well intended, they cut us off from the infinite stream of abundance. They taught us to live in scarcity and have a poverty mindset.

But, that’s not the true nature of the Universe. The Universe is abundant and provides enough for everyone. But, only those who believe this to be true are able to tap into that never-ending flow of abundance. 

Abundance can mean a lot of things. It can mean an abundance of wealth, good health, plentiful opportunities, loving relationships, personal freedom, and living in pure joy. 

To move from lack to abundance, we must start by observing the words we say and the thoughts we have. The first step in solving any problem is to develop an awareness that something doesn’t feel right. In this case, lack doesn’t feel good, it’s a state of victimhood and powerlessness. And who wants to feel like that their entire life?

So, how do you attract abundance into your life? 

As we mentioned, the first step to making any positive change is to be aware of the ‘thing’ you want to change. After that, it’s time to start speaking in more positive ways. Rather than saying “I hate feeling sick all the time, and nothing seems to help me feel better.”

You can say something like, “I am ready to heal”, or “I’m open to healing”, or “Health and wellness are by birthright and I choose to claim them now.”

As you can see, there are many ways to switch up a thought and state what you want in the affirmative, present tense. It’s a more empowering position and aligns with the flow of abundance and well-being. 

Here’s another example. Instead of saying “I don’t want to be in debt my whole life.”

You can say:

“I am unlimited in my wealth. All areas of my life are abundant and fulfilling.” 

“I am a magnet of money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.”

“I am open and receptive to all the wealth in the Universe.”

~Louise Hay

How does that feel to say? Simply observe your feelings, but don’t judge them. In time affirmations like these become easier and more natural to say. 

And even though you may have debt, you can still say these affirmations with conviction. More than likely, you have a source of income, money, or other resources coming in. And you have the potential to create and attract more of that. 

As the famous saying goes “Whatever you put your attention on, grows.” 

If you put all your attention on your debt or your sickness, you’ll attract more of it. 

But, when you put all your attention on health and wealth and have gratitude for that which you do have, it has no other choice but to grow. Thanks to the Law of Attraction.

How do you stay positive while manifesting? 

It can be difficult to stay positive while learning to manifest. Making an adjustment from thinking negative 70% of the time (according to studies), to having a positive mindset that attracts wealth and abundance into our lives takes work. But it’s not hard work, it just requires consistency.

Try to be patient with yourself during the process, especially during the beginning when things are new and maybe even foreign to you. Understand that it takes time to make lasting changes, which is true with any new habit you want to form in your life.

Lastly, make a commitment to yourself for 30 days. Each day, write down a positive affirmation, something you’re grateful for, or a money goal you have. Read what you wrote out loud and say those words over and over again. 

Also, during this time, surround yourself with positive people, avoid situations, movies, and shows that are negative. 

Remember, it’s essential to put your attention on what you want and desire, not on lack or scarcity. 

Key takeaways

Our fate is never sealed. Just because we had a scarcity mindset for 30+ years doesn’t mean we’ll always remain in that state of mind. We have the power and potential to change. 

And to start, you can change the way you speak to yourself, how you speak to others, how you see the world. Believe in the abundance that is all around you and free yourself from limiting thoughts.

The change won’t happen overnight, and the road to changing your mindset can be hard. There’s no point to sugar coat that. But, by moving into the mindset of positivity, faith, wellness, financial abundance, love, joy, and bliss you’ll start attracting more of these things and become a much happier, freer person because of it.

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Love the article – all about this 30 day commitment, what a time to be alive ☝️

Taher 🍯 Afghani August 29, 2020

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